About Kyiv judo federation

About Federation


The purpose of the Kyiv Judo federation is  to promote judo in Kyiv and Ukraine

opportunity to play, coach, officiate, administer, support, learn and excel at all ages and levels (from beginner to elite) in the sport of Judo and to promote the principles and objects set out in the Equality Policy of The Federation.

Competition Pathway of Kyiv Judo Federation:

• unique sports event, (above 10 thousand spectators)

• a large number of awards

• widespread media coverage

Top Sports Personalites of Kyiv Judo Federation:

Georgy Zantaraia

Coaches: Dubrova Vitaliy Viktorovich (+38 067-2310126), Dubrova Sergey

Darya Bilodid

Yakiv Hammo

Coach: Dubrova Vitaliy Viktorovich (+ 38 067-2310126), Dubrova Sergey Viktorovich (+38 067-2310127)

Irina Kindzerska

Coach: Koschavtsev Viktor Ivanovich (+38 067 444 09 96)

Kedzhau Nyabali

Coach: Vitaliy Viktorovich Dubrova

Andriy Kolesnik

Coach: Dubrova Vitaliy Viktorovich

Victor Makuha

Coach: Kashtanova Anna Valriyivna. (067-5612042)

Anton Savitsky

Coach: Kashtanova Anna Valriyivna. (+38 067 561 20 42)

Bogdan Yadov

Coach: Kashtanova Anna Valriyivna. (+38 067 561 20 42)